Friday, July 4, 2014

Minnesota: Duluth City Council member under fire

A recall campaign is starting against second-term Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner. Petitioners need 585 signatures (25% of turnout) to start the recall process. The precipitating issue seems to Gardner's support for a rerouting of traffic plan and the designation of different beach accesses.

I have been under the impression that Minnesota has not held a recall -- the state adopted a recall law in 1996, but there is a very high malfesance standard to meet to get it on the ballot. However, I was mistaken. Apparently, there are much easier local recall laws -- It appears that Duluth's traces back to 1912. The article notes the last Duluth recall:

If the campaign to oust Gardner proves successful, she will become the first Duluth City Councilor to be recalled since Thomas Agnew II, who was removed from office in 1978. Agnew, an attorney, also was disbarred a few years later.

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