Friday, July 4, 2014

California: Laguna Woods Board of Directors survives recall vote

I'm never sure how to classify recalls like these, but we'll keep tracking none-the-less:

A recall campaign in Laguna Woods Village (a community for 55 and over) retained the 11 member board of directers, with a 2,132 to 925 vote. There were also 195 abstentions, 19 blank ballot and 3 overvotes, turnout was 52.3%. From the write-up, it looks like there was just one vote (which wouldn't happen in a regular recall -- each candidate would be voted on separately), but that may just be in the interest of space.

The issue seems to be the management company that runs the village. Note this is not the first time there's been a recall there. Here's some coverage of a 2009 fight. And here's some of the more heated literature on this race.

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