Friday, September 21, 2012

Washington: Quilcene/Jefferson County Fire District 2 commissioners recall scheduled for November 13

The recall of two Quilcene/Jefferson County Fire District 2 commissioners, David Ward and Mike Whittaker, will take place on November 13 -- interesting that it is not on election day.

The issue (as decided by the Washington State Supreme Court) was a violation of the Open Public Meetings Act. Petitioners claim that the commissioners manipulated the meeting minutes to make it appear like they voted in a public meeting to enroll in a public pension plan.

Petitioners needed 185 signatures for ward, they turned in 240, and had 220 found valid. For Whittaker it was 199 needed, 215 handed in, and 201 verified.

Cartmel said 240 signatures were examined for Ward. Of those, 220 were valid registered voters – only 185 valid signatures were needed for the recall.

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