Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oregon: Three of Four Lookingglass fire board members ousted in recall vote

Three of four Lookingglass Rural Fire Board members who faced a recall election lost their seats.

Dave Meador survived 314 to 250.

Jeanie Smith (328-238), Stuart Kramer(329-235)  and the board’s chairman, Dennis Sifford(327-239) were all kicked out, after a battle over a proposal to disband and immediately reform with a higher tax rate. Robert Kyle, a fifth member of the board, quit after the recall effort started.

As the article notes, and we've seen on the blog, fire district boards have been incredibly popular targets this year:

Voters removed three Winston-Dillard Fire District board members in an election. Three members of the Fair Oaks Fire District board resigned rather than go through an election.

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