Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nebraska: Editorial calling for recall revisions

This editorial calls for a change in Nebraska law to the malfeasance standard for recalls. Worth looking at for its discussion of two recent failed recall attempts:

In April, nine citizens lead efforts to recall Kimball County Commissioners Larry Engstrom, Larry Brower and Kimball County Clerk Cathy Sibal. Seven of the petitioners were interested in seeing the county pony up big dollars to fund a motor speedway. Two of the persons seeking recall of the commissioners and county clerk had a beef with the county after it decided to end a longtime contract with an ambulance service provider and begin its own efforts to operate the service.
Just this month, a Bushnell resident filed his intent to have Kimball County Attorney Dave Wilson recalled. Wilson, who has served as county attorney for 28 years, hadn’t been doing his job, according to the resident, when he didn’t foreclose on a piece of property that the resident wanted to be developed into a convenience store. The resident had a stake in the development of the property — he said he’d be involved in the project and operate the convenience store.

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