Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colorado: One Ellicott School Board Member resigns in face of recall; other recall ruled invalid

One of the two Ellicott School District 22 board members facing a recall resigned, while the other was struck down by the County Clerk. Board Vice President MaryAnna Clemons resigned in the face of the recall.

The recall of Board President Ernest Hudson failed because the county clerk ruled that petitioners failed to gather enough signatures. Petitioners needed 369 signatures -- they turned in 483, but ended up with 362 ruled valid (one petitioner verified signatures that were gathered by her sister-in-law). Clemons' petition was found to have 386 valid.

The recall would have cost $2,765.

Note this:
It is the third time in three years that community members have attempted a recall of school board members. Three incumbents were voted off the Ellicott board in November, two by recall. Hudson and Clemons, who won election in November, have been under fire by those who supported the losing regime.

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