Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wisconsin: Wanggaard gives up challenge to recall loss

Republican State Sen. Van Wanggaard has thrown in the towel on his proposed challenge to the recall recount. After the recount, new Senator John Lehman's victory total went from 834-819.

Wanggaard said he will run for the seat in the next election, and:

If local activists try to recall Lehman next summer, Phillips said Wanggaard "will not be taking a lead in that, but it's out there and he intends to run in the next election, whenever that may be."
There are still issues of control of the Senate, as a Republican remains Senate President, which gives him authority over administrative decisions and when the Senate convenes. The Democrats think they can replace the president.

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  1. I think this indicates I was correct that Dems who alleged Wanggaard was delaying for no reason we're just knowingly being dishonest. Walker could have called a special session at any time since June 5, and of course Wanggaard didn't have to concede today. Let's hope Dems apologize for the baseless accusation.


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