Friday, July 27, 2012

Arkansas: Bauxite Mayor facing November recall in epic personality clash

Bauxite Mayor Johnny McMahan is facing a recall vote on Election Day in November, and this article in  the Saline Courier is well worth the read. This is one of the personality clash recalls:

Lead petitioner was former Alderman Debbie Purifoy. They got over 100 signatures.
Purifoy and McMahan have a history of personal issues against each other, which has been documented in council meetings, campaign material and in Courier stories. Shortly after her arrest on Sept. 11, 2010 — for resisting arrest, filing a false police report, failure to obey police commands, obstructing government operations and disorderly conduct — Purifoy had a letter appear in the Letter To the Editor section of the Courier (Oct. 25, 2010). In that missive, she wrote, "Johnny McMahan and (Alderman) Allison Cain were swift to judge me before checking out all the facts regarding this case. I cringe knowing that is the type of leadership they want to bring to Bauxite. As for those two, who claim to be Christians, they show a poor example of the lifestyle. Apparently you weren’t aware I have family and friends in town when you all went out campaigning."
On Nov. 2, 2010, McMahan won office in Nov 2010. Three aldermen attempted multiple times (some using very questionable tactics) to appoint Purifoy to the vacant position of court clerk/recorder/treasurer position. McMahan mailed Bauxite residents a postcard with Purifoy's arrest mug shot plastered on it. 

And a great quote from Purifoy when she started the recall.
"The gloves are coming off and I'm putting on my Wonder Woman underwear," she said.
When McMahan started as mayor he found unopened IRS letters in a closet that resulted in a $40,000 fine.

"I think (Purifoy) wants to close public doors on closets with possible skeletons inside and if she stops me, she can stop those skeletons from coming out," McMahan said. "Purifoy and her gang have schemed for a long time now to throw me out of office and get her power back and things can go back to the way it used to be. This might have something to do with the IRS issues. Maybe people are afraid this issue may (personally) touch them."

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