Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wisconsin: Christian Schneider on "Beware the recall backfire"

This is about the possibility of a recall of the one Democratic winner on June 5, state Senator John Lehman. The redistricting, which turned the district from a toss-up to Republican-leaning, makes this a prime pick-up opportunity for Republicans, but I think that depends on the results of the November election. Can't start a recall process until one year after Lehman has "commencement of the term." Due to protests against Lehman, this could push off the recall even further into 2013.

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  1. In his last sentence, Mr. Schneider predicts that the Republicans, er, conservatives who sign his paycheck will prevail in his imaginary recall effort. His confidence is no doubt based on the record of achievement that the WI GOP has shown in this regard.
    In 2011 the GOP tried to recall all 14 of the Democratic senators who had left the state to prevent a quorum. They failed to find enough support to provide the necessary signatures in 10 Senate districts, despite their employment of abundant paid signature-gatherers.

    In four districts where the recall election of a Democratic seat occurred, all four Republican candidates were crushed at the polls. That’s a total of zero wins and fourteen losses.

    In 2012, conservatives attempted to begin recall efforts against two senators of whom they disapproved. Both efforts died abornin’ when enough signatures were again nowhere to be found.

    So when, “ . . . there is already talk” of recalling another Democrat, that 0 – 16 record must surely strike fear into their opponents.

    At the same time, Sen. Wanggaard has not yet found the grace or dignity required to concede his defeat, despite also losing the recount.


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