Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oregon: Recall campaign against two Jackson County School District 9 Board members fails

The recall of Jackson County School District 9 Board of Directors Chair Scott Grissom and Vice-Chair Ted Dole appears to have failed. Petitioners needed 1,316 signatures, and handed in 1,555. However, the validation process ended with Grissom's petition containing only 1,089 valid signatures and Dole's 1,108. Petitions had been taken out against a third board member Mary Ann Olson, but they were not handed in.

Very useful discussion of the reasons for the failure:

Non-registered voters was the major reason for the invalid signatures with 184 (39.4 %) in that category on the Grissom petition and 186 (41.7%) on the Dole petition. The second and third primary reasons for invalidation of the signers was because signatures did not match and they did not reside within the District 9 School District. For Grissom, those figures were 68 and 67 signatures and for Dole there were 57 out of the district and 44 with unmatched signatures. 
Altogether there were 13 categories listed for the rejection of signatures.

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