Sunday, December 13, 2020

Illinois: Republican state legislators propose expanding recall law

Following indictments of officials close to House Speaker Mike Madigan, State Representative Mark Batinick (R) and Senator Jason Barickman (R) are proposing an expanded recall law that would include all local and state officials (though not federal officials, who as we've discussed many times, are likely not eligible for the recall). 

Illinois currently has a recall provision for the Governor (passed after Governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted for actions related to filling Barack Obama's empty Senate seat). However, this provision is arguably the most restrictive recall law in the country, requiring the support of 30 members of the legislature, with at 15 from each party. 

This recall provision would lower the amount of signatures needed from 15% of total voters to 12% cast for governor in the past election. For state legislators, it would be 12% cast for governor in that district. They use a sliding scale level for signatures in local jurisdictions, from 30% for 0-1000 registered voters to 10% for 100,000 or more registered voters. Officials are banned from holding the same position for 10 years. The vote also would require 60% for removal. The election would take place on a general or primary election date. 

Buffalo Grove and Rockford both have a recall law, though the only official I've seen who has faced a recall was a City Councilwoman in Buffalo Grove. 

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