Friday, January 27, 2023

Florida: State Representative sponsors bill for expansion of recall to all county commissioners

Florida State Representative Dr. Joel Rudman (R) is proposing a recall of county commissioner law for the State. This is the third year that he has sponsored the bill (House Bill 209). The bill would expand the recall to 47 of 67 counties. 

There is some discussion that the law could target supervisors of elections, though supporters denied that.

Some good background on the state's recall law (which does not allow for state legislative recalls). In 1968, a law passed that allowed 20 chartered counties and the Jacksonville/Duvall County (a municipal county) to allow recalls of county officials. These recalls require a malfeasance standard/judicial recall showing of cause. Florida does have political recalls in some local jurisdictions. 

There have been similar bills introduced in 2021 and 2022. A Senate bill in 2022 sponsored by State Senator Joe Gruetens would have allowed recalls of all county constitutional officers. 

Update: The bill has been dropped.

Update 2: Seems that the bill has been reported out of committee. Seems to still have some committees to pass before it gets through.

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