Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ohio: Johnstown Mayor and Council President recall effort blocked due to grace period

The recall effort against Johnstown Mayor Chip Dutcher and City Council President Marvin Block has been rejected by the City Clerk over claims that petitioners could not start gathering signatures, because the six month grace period at the start of a term had not started. The petitioners claim that the law didn't specify that it needs a new term (they are both on their second term). This does not sound like a winning argument and the clerk felt the same way. 

The recall is over claims that they pressured the former police chief to fire the court clerk/police dispatcher. The chief has filed a complaint against Block. The police chief has been fired (there is also claims that he claimed the police chief and finance director where in an "inappropriate relationship.") The campaign is called the "Chip off the old Block"

Petitioners handed in 305 for Dutcher and 332 for Block and need 95 valids. 

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