Sunday, July 3, 2022

Illinois: Votes cast in favor of removing Dolton Mayor, but court decision may result in rejection of recall effort

The recall election of Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard led to a vote for removal, 1953-1532,  though court decisions likely mean that Henyard will not be removed by the June 28 recall vote

A judge ordered the clerk to not count the vote in two recall ballot measures (one asks for a recall law -- which succeeded 1948-1506 -- the other calls for Henyard to face a recall vote immediately). The issue seems to be that the measures are taking place at the same time, which is extremely odd.

A Cook County Circuit Court Judge has ruled in favor of efforts to stop the recall election against 

The recall does not seem to have signatures handed in, but was rather put on the ballot by the village board. 

Henyard faced a previous recall effort when she served as trustee, leading to an appellate court decision that the board cannot remove the official by a board vote but can have a recall. 

The recall is over a slew of complaints: taking a Township Supervisor job that pays $250,000 which seen as a conflict of interest; keeping the board from meeting, paying bills and refusing to show what is being paid, as well as hiring a code enforcement officer who spent 24 years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault. 

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