Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Michigan: Dueling petitions engulfs Thetford Council

Dueling petitions in Thetford, where the Board Clerk Nicole Moore and Trustees Julie Tack, Ralph Henry are facing petitions filed by Supervisor Rachel Stanke (R). Stanke has filed three failed attempts against Henry alone over votes against a proposed annual budget, which resulted in a six day government shutdown.

Following the last attempt, Henry filed petitions against Stanke, Treasurer Kristine Taylor and Trustees John Congdon and Eric Gunnels. The claim against Stanke is over actions surrounding solicitation of donations for a Christmas party. This is mostly an intraparty affair, as only Congdon and Gunnels are Democrats.

The Election Board has to decide on the language, though worth noting that one member, Count Clerk-Register John J. Gleason is facing charges of bribing or intimidating a witness.

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