Monday, November 22, 2021

North Dakota: Recall effort against State Representative appears over due to redistricting law

The recall effort against North Dakota Representative Dwight Kiefert (R) seems to be over, due to a weird turn in the redistricting. The new redistricting law requires Kiefert to run in 2022 in a three incumbent race for two seats. North Dakota gives a one-year grace period at the end of the term, so a recall wouldn't be allowed.

Kiefert was facing petitions over his vote to remove Representative Luke Simons (R) over "his alleged inappropriate behavior, which included 'creepy comments to female legislators and staffers."

Petitioners needed 1764 signatures in one year to get the recall on the ballot. It is led by District 24 GOP Treasurer Shane Anderson. The local party (but not the state party) censured Kiefert over his vote, which they claimed he was owed due process. In disagreement was the rest of the legislature, which voted by more than two-thirds to kick Simons out.

Apparently, Kiefert is expecting recalls against other House Republicans who voted to kick Simons out. There is an unofficial "ultra-conservative Bastiat Caucus" in the legislature, which included Simons and former state Representative and local party chairman Dan Johnston. 

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