Sunday, November 7, 2021

Massachusetts: Monterey voters looking for recall

Monterey's voters are asking for an recall provision (which requires the legislature to allow it). Select Board member John Weingold is one target of recall proponents, which can current be launched with signatures from 15% of residents.  The complaint is over repeated claims of a hostile work environment. 

There is accusations of an official crossing off names from the petition. 

Note this stat on recalls in Massachusetts. I'll have to look into this: 

"Beyond all of this, there are facts, and former Town Clerk Barbara Swann — who noted her doctorate in political anthropology and 30 years studying politics in this town — wanted everyone to know what they were getting into with this election recall, should it be approved. 

Out of 351 communities in the state, 170 have the recall law, she said, and 47 have had recall elections since 2010. Of those that held recalls, 19 were tabled, and only five officials were defeated. 

 “So you have a 50-50 chance even if you get the signatures [for the recall petition],” Swann said. “It doesn’t happen overnight. If it does, our state would be moving ahead on many things.”

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