Friday, November 12, 2021

Colorado: Signatures handed in for Weld (Windsor-Severance) School Board members

Petitioners have handed in over 6500 (3250 per candidate) signatures for the recall of  Weld (or Windsor-Severance) School Board President Jennifer Lieber and Director Regan Price. Petitioners need 3120 signatures to get on the ballot. If signatures are rejected, petitioners have three days to cure. A recall would be scheduled for March or April if they get enough signatures.

The issues seems to be focused the school board's adoption of masking protocols to protect against the coronavirus pandemic, though there are other generic complaints about transparency as well. 

Update: Lieber resigned in November. Petitioners did not hand in enough valid signatures to get Price on the ballot, as they turned in 3160, but only 2315 were found valid.

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