Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wisconsin: Gubernatorial Recall fails as no signatures handed in against

Despite their earlier claims that they had enough they had enough signatures to get recall efforts against Governor Tony Evers (D) and (presumably) Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes (D) on the ballot, the recall effort has failed, with no signatures turned in. 

Petitioners needed 668,327 signatures by October 27. One of the leaders has claimed that they have the signatures, but on Facebook she said that she was going to mislead the media, so not clear what that was about. The petitioner has since claimed that she is shredding the petitions so the names of signers don't get out there.

Wisconsin allows officials under threat of a recall to raise unlimited funds. Evers took advantage of that and has been using the money to put out ads against Trump's pandemic response.

Wisconsin does have an unusual eligible voter law, which allows signatures to be counted if the signer is just eligible and not registered. Even so, we probably would expect that petitioners needed somewhere on the order of 725,000 signatures to succeed. 

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