Monday, October 19, 2020

Oklahoma: Norman Councilwoman claims duplicate signatures should end recall effort

More challenges in the recall effort against Norman City Councilmember Alison Petrone, The recall effort against appeared to get enough valid signatures to get on the ballot. Petitioners handed in 3444 signatures and had 2580 valid. 2573 were needed. Now a law suit is claiming that the petitioners did not have enough signatures, and it appears that the City Clerk acknowledged this, as eight of the signatures were found to be duplicates. The petitioners claim there are at least 100 other signatures that should be validated.

The recall against Mayor Breea Clark failed, as petitioners handed in 20661 and needed 18,124. Over 3600 signatures have been tossed out.  

City Councilwoman Sereta Wilson previously resigned in the face of the recall threat. It seems that they haven't handed in signatures against two other councilmembers who were threatened, City Council members Kate Bierman and Stephen Holman. 

The recall is over a vote to cut the police department's proposed budget by $865,000 (it appears not to be an actual cut -- the police wanted a big increase and got only a smaller one). There are also complaints about the council's push to require masks to stave off the coronavirus pandemic.

One other wrinkle -- Petrone is up for her regularly scheduled election a month later. 

Update: An attorney letter is now demanding that the recall should be scheduled.

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