Friday, October 23, 2020

Colorado: Signatures insufficient in Avon Mayor, Councilmembers recall effort

The City Clerk has found that petitioners failed to hand in enough valid signatures to get a recall on the ballot against Avon Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes and Councilmembers Amy Phillips and Tamra Underwood. The recall effort is over leaving a real estate transfer tax in place is still ongoing. Petitioners need 496 signatures, though it was originally believed to be 479. They came missed on Underwood by 71 and by Hymes by 51. An earlier article said they handed in over 600 signatures, and the article mentions 620 handed in. It is unclear why there are these discrepancies. Phillips is up for reelection in November, so the recall was not allowed based on the grace period.

Petitioners said that they will try and cure the signatures and still get on the ballot.

Update: Here's a bit more on the debate over the signatures needed. Essentially, you could vote for four candidates, so petitioners felt that the 25% of turnout needed should have been divided again (so 25% of 25%). 

Update 2: A court case has been filed over this question.

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