Sunday, August 16, 2020

Taiwan: Kaohsiung Mayor replacement vote won by Democratic Progressive Party candidate who lost the election in 2018

Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Chi-Mai won the Kaohsiung Mayor replacement race. Chen lost the 2018 Mayoral election to Kuomintang Party Mayor (and former Presidential candidate) Han Kuo-yuto. 

Mr. Han lost his recall vote on June 6 with 42.14% of the voters turning out. The vote to remove was 939,090-25,051. The vote total itself is misleading, as Han's supporters would have stayed home due to the "absentee voter" provision -- 25% of eligible voters were required to cast ballots for the recall to count.

Chen (70%) beat the KMT's Li Mei-jhen (25.90%) and Taiwan People's Party's Wu Yi-jheng (4%).

The recall was officially about Han's handling of flooding in the town (though presumably it was also part of the presidential political wrangling).

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