Sunday, August 9, 2020

Florida: Recall vote against three Sebastian City Council members scheduled for September 9

 The recall election against Sebastian City Council members Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti and Pamela Parris have been scheduled for September 9. Gilliams has filed suit to stop the recall vote

The recall seems to have started over fights with the Mayor and other council members -- the three were elected on on a platform of opposition to an 1100 acre annexation plan last year. Gillams and Parris notably voted against the hiring of a new city attorney.  They were also arrested for breaking the Sunshine Law and perjury for lying to investigators. The three members allegedly voted to fire the city staff and appoint Gilliams mayor in what investigators call an illegal meeting. The two allegedly lied under oath.

The recall (which couldn't start until they've been in office six months (which seems to be in May) would require about 1995 signatures each. Petitioners handed in 10282 total, but there is no breakdown for each member.

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