Sunday, August 2, 2020

Oregon: Metolius Mayor and three council members facing recall effort; Last Mayor kicked out in 2019 recall

Metolius Mayor Carl Elliot and Council President Patty Wyler and Councilmembers Dan Dulaney and Denise Keeton are facing a recall petitions after the city bought a wooden train for $500 (and spent $2500 refurbishing) and then discovered that it was built by a convicted criminal who is in jailed for child molestation. The recall is focused on a recent council vote to keep displaying the train, which was later reversed.

Petitioners need 43 signatures in 90 days. 

The petitions are led by a former City Councilor Tryna Muilenberg, who also led the 2019 recall of Mayor John Chavez. Elliot (who was the council president) stepped into the role of Mayor. Muilenberg had lost to Chavez by one vote in 2018 (a race that Elliot came in 3rd in) and is running for mayor. 

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