Thursday, January 30, 2020

Utah: State Representative proposes allowing recall of US Senators

State Representative Tim Quinn (R) has filed a bill calling for the recall of US Senators, which comes after US Senator Mitt Romney (R) has expressed interest in seeing the evidence and hearing witness testimony in the impeachment of Trump.

The bill would require signatures from 25% of "active voters" (this would be a more lenient standard than registered voter, but more stringent than voter turnout. Active voters under Utah law appears to be people who voted in one of the last two regular general elections or responded to a notice sent by the county clerk). There would be a one year grace period from the start of the term.

As with past attempts to recall federal officials, there is very good reason to believe that such a recall law would be considered unconstitutional.

Utah does not have a recall law either on the state or local levels. There have been past attempts to create a recall law for the state, but they have gone nowhere.

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