Sunday, January 5, 2020

New Jersey: Technicality appears to doom Englewood Cliffs Councilmembers recall

A strange technical error seems to have stopped the recall efforts against Englewood Cliffs Council members Edward Aversa (D) and Gloria Oh (D). Petitioners handed in over 1200 signatures (they needed over 900), but the petitions did not specifically request a special election. The clerk seems to be ruling that without the specific request, the recall must be pushed off till the November ballot, when both Aversa and Oh are up for election. They also seem to claim that this would obviate the recall, though I'm not sure why 1) the recall wouldn't be held at an earlier primary date and 2) they couldn't have a recall on the November date, removing for the remainder of the term (though there could be laws that prevent it).

The recall was over claims that they didn't do due diligence on affordable housing and other issues related to development. Aversa, who is running for mayor in the fall, claims that Mayor Mario Kranjac (who is also on the ballot) is behind the recall.

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