Sunday, January 19, 2020

Canada: Delay in Alberta Legislature may kill recall bill

The plan to expand the recall to Alberta may die if the Legislative Assembly is not reconvened until late February (as is the current plan). UCP MLA Mark Smith introduced a private members' recall bill for the Alberta Legislature.

Smith had previously introduced the bill in 2016 as a Wildrose MLA. The recall proposal would oust the MLA if petitioners get 40% of eligible voters signatures in a 60 day period. There is a long grace period -- 18 months after a general election and 6 months before.

This article notes that Alberta had a recall law in the 1930s, passed by the Social Credit government in 1936 (needing 66.6% of voter signatures), though the law was repealed in 1937 when a campaign was expected to work against Premier William Aberhart's Okotos-High River. There have been 8 attempts to add a recall law since 1993.

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