Friday, September 6, 2019

Alaska: Petitioners hand in 49,006 signatures for Governor recall

Petitioners handed in over 49,006 signatures to get over the hump of the first stage of the recall effort against Governor Mike Dunleavy. This is over 20,000 signatures than needed. However, now the challenges begin:

In Alaska’s case, petitioners must first gather verified signatures amounting to 10% of the turnout in the previous election (28,501), and then have the director of the Division of Elections-- headed by the same Lieutenant Governor who would become governor if Dunleavy is removed -- agree that the reasons stated in the petition meets the cause requirements in Alaska’s law. If the director approves this, petitioners must then gather signatures amounting to 25% of turnout (71,252 signatures). In the past, the division has rejected recalls against a governor, two state senators and one assembly representative due to a failure to state a valid cause of action.

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