Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New Jersey: Great article on New Jersey's use of the recall law

This article by Terrence McDonald in the Record gives some good history to the use of the recall in New Jersey, going back before the 1993 passage of the statewide recall law. It takes as its jumping off point the Englewood Cliffs recall attempt.

Among the highlights:

1. North Bergen Mayor Peter Mocco lost a recall in 1978 and was reelected to his seat in the same ballot.

2. Stafford Mayor Wesley Bell was recalled in 1983, a decision that was tossed out by an appellate court, which was overturned by the State Supreme Court.

3. Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano lost a recall in 2009 and won back his office in May 2011. He is still mayor.

4. Mahwah Mayor John Laforet was removed in 2018.

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