Friday, August 30, 2019

Maine: Four Mechanic Falls Councilors up for a vote on September 24

A recall against Mechanic Falls Council Chair Cathy Fifield (242), Vice Chair Wayne Hackett (248) and Councilors Nicholas Konstantoulakis (231) and John Emery (224) is set for September 24. The issue was a 4-1 vote to dismiss Town Manager Zakk Maher in what is alleged to be a violation of the Open Meeting Act.

Petitioners needed at least 192 signatures in 30 days (15% of gubernatorial turnout). There is a "absentee veto" provision, where the total votes in the recall must be at least 30% of the those cast in the 2018 gubernatorial election -- that is 384.

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  1. There is actually much more to this recall than just the illegal firing of the town manager. The firing was just the last straw for many people in town.


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