Thursday, August 29, 2019

Idaho: Three Middleton School Board members survive recall vote; One survives by Queen of the Hill provision

Middleton School Board Members Tim Winkle, Marianne Blackwell and Alicia McConkie survived a special election recall vote on August 27. The vote for Winkle was 145-151 and Blackwell was 103-108.

The vote against McConkie was quite different. 115 voted to remove, and only 93 voted for her to remain in office. However, she survived the recall due to an Queen of the Hill provision in Idaho law. 55% of voters cast ballots to remove McConkie. However, the vote to remove must exceed the amount of votes the candidate received when they won the office in the last election. This time the removal vote was 115. She got 120 last election.

Turnout was 11 percent.

The recall was over a vote not to renew the High School principal's contact. The principal has accused school administrators of harassing him. A fourth member, Kirk Adams, is facing threats, but due to his recent election, is not eligible for a recall until the November election.

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