Friday, November 23, 2018

Idaho: Bovill Mayor facing third recall attempt

Mayor Sam Walker is facing the third petition to recall him this year over claims of unprofessional behavior and assuming a "position of absolute control." Walker claims the issue is enforcing building codes with a local winery. Walker became mayor in May after replacing the Mike Porter, who moved out of town. Walker claims that he faced recall efforts last year when he was a city councilor. The first recall attempt failed because it was within the 90 day grace period of appointment. The second went to a judge before being withdrawn.

Former City Councilor (and Walker's next door neighbor) Lonnie Olson led the petitioning. There's a bit of other colorful references to Walker claiming that Olson threatened to fight him and flipped him off.  It is not clear exactly how many signatures are needed. though the number is 20% of registered voters in 75 days.

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