Sunday, November 11, 2018

Wisconsin: Trempealeau County former Assistant District Attorney wins replacement race in recall

Former ADA John Sacia (D), who beat District Attorney Taavi McMahon in the primary portion of McMahon's recall election, defeated Rick Niemeyer in the general election portion, 6375-5663.

Sacia beat McMahon, who was ousted in a recall after he suspended an employee for refusing to attend the Jackson County DA's funeral as well as claims of prosecutorial failures, 2244-450. McMahon suspended Sacia after he announced he was running to replace McMahon.

The county board has sought McMahon's resignation. McMahon has been on leave since May 9. McMahon's supporters claim the issue is a debate over new views of criminal justice reform. One of the lead petitioners is the Osseo Police Department Chief.

The recall became a two-parter once Niemeyer, a candidate from the other party, entered the race.

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