Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Texas: Windcrest City Council recall, which council refused to schedule, killed by Appellate Court ruling/run out the clock behavior

The state Appellate Court unanimously shot down a recall effort against Councilmen Gerd Jacobi, James McFall and Jim Shelton under the argument that petitioner doesn't have the right to demand the action requested. Petitioners handed in more than 451 signatures in January, but due to what the article calls a "certification blunder" -- though it seems worse than that -- the city officials only counted signatures from people who voted in the last election, rather than from all registered voters. This allowed certification to be pushed back until early February, where the councilmen facing a recall failed to show up, depriving the council of a quorum. The result was that the recall was not scheduled before a February 16 date to get on the May ballot.

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