Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Colorado: Recall threats against Fremont County Clerk and Recorder

County Clerk and Recorder Katie Barr (R), who was arrested on charges of embezzlement, harassment, intimidation of a witness and fraud by check, may face a recall effort if she returns to work. Petitioners would need 3581 signatures. There's an interesting discussion of a provision that would require a Democratic candidate to get more signatures than a Republican to contest in a recall race.

In the case of a recall election for the Fremont County Clerk and Recorder, the successor candidate for the Republican party would have to obtain 961 valid signatures, a successor candidate for the Democratic party would have to garner 2,865 signatures, and a minor party or unaffiliated candidate would have to get 287. Goff said the number of signatures required for a Democratic candidate is much higher because the Democrats did not have a candidate on the ballot during the last primary, so the number has to be based on a percentage of the total votes cast for all candidates at the last general election instead of a percentage of votes cast for the Democratic candidate at the primary.

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