Monday, June 20, 2016

Montana: Whitehall Mayor and council recall has enough signature for August 16 vote

Petitioners handed in enough signatures to get a recall against Whitehall Mayor Dale Davis and Council President Joe Adams, Aldermen Gary Hosman, Tom Jenkin and Vincent Keogh. The claim is that the mayor and majority of the council (two members are not facing a recall) violated the open meeting law over a vote to dispatch the Whitehall ambulance to all fire calls. The two council members who weren't at the meeting are associated with a private ambulance.

The recall is scheduled for August 16, though the elected officials could challenge the vote. Montana is judicial recall/malfeasance standard state and requires a showing of cause. If the event wasn't a violation, then it is likely no recall can be held.

If it is a mail-in vote it will cost $1600, but if it is an in-person ballot it will be $10,000.

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