Thursday, June 16, 2016

California: Round-up of Stories on Santa Clara Judge recall

Here's a piece in the Daily Caller on the leaders of the recall effort; Here's Erwin Chemerinsky opposing the recall in the SJ Mercury News (which has an op-ed of mine in the hopper for the last week or so) and here's Jennifer Hagan calling for him to resign; and this detailed op-ed by Estelle Freedman on two sexual assault recalls of judges (The Wisconsin Judge Archie Simonson one from 1977 I've dealt with in depth before).

The first one is interesting -- the 1913 recall of San Francisco Police Court Justice Charles Weller. Weller was known for setting very low bail for rape (and notably statutory rape) defendants, allowing them to skip town. According to Bird & Ryan, Weller lost 30,784-29,934.

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