Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Colorado: No fraud in Castle Rock Councilmember recall signatures

The District Attorney has rejected Councilmember Renne Valentine's claim petitioners had fraudulently obtained signatures in the recall effort against her. The District Attorney independently verified the signatures with the signers. The recall is set for November 8. Petitioners got 273 signatures, they needed 268.

Of note is that Valentine's attorney was Scott Gessler, former Colorado Secretary of State and candidate for Governor (he lost in the 2014 Republican primary), who has been a controversial leader of the arguments that the country is overwhelmed by voter fraud.

The petitioners took note of Gessler's role in the attack:
"The way that Renee Valentine publicly sullied the reputations and questioned the integrity of myself and my fellow petitioners is unconscionable," Fienen said. "While we knew her allegations that we committed fraud were baseless, we feel vindicated that the district attorney's office found her accusations to be wholly and completely untrue." 
"What Valentine and Gessler did was a political stunt - a political dirty trick that didn't work," said Brooks, referring to Scott Gessler, Valentine's attorney.

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