Monday, November 17, 2014

New Mexico: Three Las Cruces City Councilors facing recalls

Three city councilors, Nathan Small, Gill Sorg, and Olga Pedroza are facing petitions over alleged illegal political campaigning using public resources, though it may be about a minimum wage raise fight. 10% of registered voters signatures are needed in 60 days.


  1. This is a hideous recall movement. There needs to be a more effective dialogue in the community on minimum wage. Instead you have this character Jeffrey Isbell, a Tea Party activist from Sothern Illinois, telling us what to do and how the recall is necessary. His vitriolic rhetoric is absolute hogwash. So who are the small-minded businessmen who support this carpetbagger Isbell, who will be leaving the community shortly? They want to spend over $400,000 of taxpayers' money to attack City Councilors, who support a decent minimum wage.


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