Tuesday, November 4, 2014

31 Recalls on the Election Day ballot and more

Big Election Day for recall watchers. While there are no marquee recall match-ups (unless you want to count the Laredo councilman who was nailed in a cocaine bust), thanks to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's reelection race, as well as the races of other recall winners and losers, we have a lot to consider.

First, let's get down to the basic numbers: There are at least 31 recalls on the ballot today, and I'm sure I'll find some others in the coming days. This tops the 15 from last year's Election Day and the 22 from 2012. What is particularly interesting is that we are once again seeing the impact of Michigan's recall reform law, which pushed all recalls to either Election or Primary Day. Last year, we saw a huge drop off in Michigan recalls. Today, 26 of the 31 recalls are in Michigan.

The non-Michigan recalls are:
Two in Lancaster, Massachusetts;
One in  Moreno Valley, California;
One on the Streets of Laredo, Texas,
One in Mica Kidd Fire District, Idaho.

The Michigan Recalls include:
Five in Tuscarora
Five in Ontwa Township
Four in Jerome Township
Three in Gaines Township
Two in Blackman Township
Two in Alamo Township
Two in Bear Lake
One in Belding,
One in Pulaski Township
One in Cotterville

I haven't seen that many ballot proposition, though there is a reform plan in Berkeley, California, as the city is looking to revamp its recall law. I believe there are others, which I hope to track down.

People are closely following the Scott Walker reelection campaign. There are a few other races involving recent recall participants that are worthy of following:

  • John Lehman, who was the sole Democratic winner of a Senate recall race in 2012 (resulting in a flip of the Senate), is the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. His Senate seat got gerrymandered out of existence. 
  • Van Wanggaard, who lost the recall seat to Lehman, is running to win it back. He is has the Republican nomination and is heavily favored to succeed.
  • George Rivera, who effectively ousted Colorado state Senator Angela Giron in a recall race last year centered around gun control, is up for reelection in what is seen as a tough race.
  • Bernie Herpin, who replaced Colorado Senate President John Morse in the same recall, is also up, though haven't heard anything about whether he is really facing a challenge.
  • Following the two recalls, state Senator Evie Hudak resigned in order to keep the seat (and the state Senate majority) Democrat. Her replacement, Rachel Zenzinger, is facing reelection. Will get to see if the Democrats are punished for the unusual resignation move.

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