Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorado: Recall impact is felt as Republicans gain control of Senate

Interesting results out of Colorado. The two Senators who were triumphant in the 2013 Colorado gun recalls, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera, both lost their seats. Not a surprise, as both seats were considered Democratic (Their original success shows the "movers' advantage" of the recall).

However, there was a third seat that the recall had a major impact on -- that of Senator Evie Hudak. Hudak resigned before the recall campaign got certified, and was able to be replaced by a Democrat. Hudak was not scheduled to fact a vote until 2016. The Democrats replaced Hudak with Rachel Zenzinger. Zenzinger lost the seat Tuesday and the Republicans took control of the chamber 18-17.

Since this was a major Republican election, and Governor Hickenlooper still one, it is hard to read too much into this. However, from a purely standpoint, this once again shows the power that recalls can have even if there is no election.

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