Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maryland: Rock Hall drafts recall law

Rock Hall Town Council unanimously (well, 3-0), approved a charter amendment to allow the city to have a recall. The goal is recall the current Mayor Robert Willis, who is otherwise in office till 2015. No word on what the law looks like, but it could be 25% of registered voters.

Here's some of the problems:
The vote follows a long train of clashes between Willis and the Council that began on April 28 — when he unsuccessfully challenged the integrity of Town Manager Ron Fithian and Councilman Olin “Butch” Price. In the weeks that followed, Willis failed in an attempt to fire MacLeod as the town attorney, and lost management authority of the Clerks Office when he tried to pressure Treasurer Stephanie Loller to hand over her passwords to the town’s online banking system – against legal advice. Willis also lost supervisory powers of the transportation and police departments.
Price said that Willis’ many commu

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