Friday, July 12, 2013

California: 18,000 signatures handed in for San Bernardino City Attorney recall, rejected by City Clerk

More trouble in San Bernardino, as petitioners handed in 18,000 signatures looking to kick out City Attorney James F. Penman. The signatures were rejected by City Clerk Gigi Hanna. The reasons were:

In a letter she handed to Beard after a short conference with her staff, Hanna said the charter only allows petitions to be circulated after the simultaneous publication of a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition, reasons for that petition and the targeted official's response, if the official requests. 
Hanna is alleged to have previously given contrary advice allowing the signature gathering to go forward.
This is now going to court. California has a comparatively well developed set of recall, so it may be easy to resolve. But if the recent decision by the Colorado Secretary of State, as well as actual Supreme Court decisions in Arizona and Michigan are any indication, courts do not look kindly on holding up recalls for technical reasons.

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