Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Louisiana: Moreno Valley Mayor recall campaign witnesses complaints over political signs

The recall against Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings is now seeing billboard signs calling on people to not sign the petitions. The proponents of the recall argue that the signs violate city codes banning political signs than don't involve and election and are posted more than 90 days before an election.

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  1. I stopped to ask a man who was putting up those signs up who was responsible for them. He accused me of defacing and destroying the signs. He took a picture of my license plate and yelled at me that a police report had been made and people were going to get arrested. When I asked him why he was taking a picture he snapped at me that I was "probably one of the ones who were doing" it and that I could take a picture of his. He then yelled me he was "busy" As I got into my car I responded You are rude is what you are. I went home and called city hall to complain. (They did not return my calls today) I then went to do some errands and I saw the same man at another sign. I got out and asked him his name so I could have it when the city called back. He refused to answer me and kept his back to me so I took a picture of his license plate and left. At no time was I rude nor did I raise my voice. If this is the type of person the mayor hires maybe he ought to be recalled.!


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