Sunday, September 11, 2011

Texas: Recall proposed for Watauga City Councilman for gun ideas

A Watauga Councilman is being threatened with a recall for his proposals. Here's some the big ones from the Fort Worth Star Telegram:
Anyone with a concealed-handgun licenses should be required to carry their guns when they are at City Hall. Police should also train all residents who are older than 65 or disabled -- and any others who are interested -- to use shotguns and pistols for home defense.
He also says all city fees should be ended and as many city services as possible eliminated or privatized so that only essential services remain.
Responsibility for maintenance of parks and recreation facilities should be turned over to churches, civic groups and residents who live near parks. Churches and civil groups should staff the library. Code enforcement would be left up to residents who can show the city proof of having talked with the offender, go on record to report the offender and pay a fee.

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