Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nebraska: Hitchcock School Board Votes not to hold recall

Following-up from last month, on the advice of attorneys, the School Board has voted not to hold a recall, despite a county clerk's certification of the petition signatures. According to the McCook Daily Gazette:

Haase (School's Attorney) also said reports were received from some signers that they were told the petition was to save an old school building from being torn down, and from others who were led to believe the petition was to reduce their property taxes.
Haase told the Gazette today that her advisement was reportedly based on the circulator, Shane Rippen, signing the petition documents as a sole circulator but reports were received from numerous sources that he did not gather all of the signatures himself.
The attorney  also noted:
She explained that the board could have still called the election, but she advised them against it. Haase believed that doing so would open the school district up to multiple lawsuits from school board members and subject it to the potential for even further harm.
First rule of recalls -- there will always be a legal challenge.

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