Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colorado: Sexting scandal + resignation does not stop school board recall

Strange follow-up to the Ellicot School Board recall, which was launched against two school board members. One of them, Stefanie Dickinson, was arrested on charges of internet luring of a child (Sexting with a 14 year old). Dickinson resigned her seat. Under the recall law, she had five days from when the petitions were certified to resign (that date passed on August 29th) or face a recall. A number of states have a similar "resignation request." But now we get to see what it means:

Since she missed that deadline and resigned later, there will still be a recall. From what it sounds like, if Dickinson's now-empty seat does not lose the recall, they board would name a replacement. But if the seat loses the recall vote, then the voters would replace (on a same day replacement election).

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