Thursday, June 9, 2022

Virginia: Judge tosses out recalls against Loudon School Board members

Petitions against Loudon School Board members Atoosa Reeser and Brenda Sheridan was rejected by a judge, ruling that the petitions did not meet the malfeasance standard/judicial recall standard based on a finding by a special prosecutor. If this got through, it would probably have required a trial under the state's unique Recall Trial law (though this may be it). The actual complaint seems to be an open meeting violation (the group joining a separate Facebook group). 

Apparently, an attorney for the petitioners threatened a recall against the Commonwealth attorneys during the case.

Signatures were handed in against Loudon School Board Member Brenda Sheridan. They handed in 1850 and need 803. 

There were attempts against Sheridan, Reeser, Beth Barts, Leslee King, Denise Corbo and Ian Serotkin, though King has since died and Barts resigned on November 2 after petitioners handed in signatures. Sheridan needed the smallest number of signatures of any of the members. The recall effort was supposed to be over complaints about alleged inappropriate reading materials in the school. The petitioners claim they are fighting against "Critical Race Theory." The recall petitions seem to have been focused on complaining about school closing to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Loudon has faced discussions about recalls in recent years as Virginia is one of the most prominent states to move politically. Last year, Loudon County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall  is facing recall threats from the Young Republicans over her participation in a recent rally against police violence. The Young Republicans statement includes a reference to a violation of the 14th Amendment. 

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