Monday, June 20, 2022

California: Proposed recall "reform" ballot measures floundering in state legislature

The San Francisco Chronicle's Bob Egelko provides a look at the proposed ballot measures to revamp or neuter recall laws and see that they seem to be going nowhere. 

The measure sponsored by State Senator Josh Newman would remove special elections (unless it is in the first 14 months of a term) and create an automatic replacement model for the governor and other officials (with the governor appointing lower level successors).

A second measure, by Senator Ben Allen, would allow the official to run in the replacement race (which we've seen in Massachusetts).  

The Assembly passed a bill sponsored by Steve Bennett which only targets local jurisdictions and would allow local laws to govern the replacement choice (appointment or special elections). Places with their own charter (like SF) would not be hit by this law (which still must pass the Senate).

Update: Los Angeles Times' Mark Barabak has another take on the proposed changes.

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