Sunday, September 5, 2021

California: Newsom recall roundup -- Turnout numbers, with big upstate/downstate divide; so, so much more

Turnout is over 24% as of September 2, with a big upstate/downstate divide (Marin has over 41%, SF/Alameda/Contra Costa/San Mateo are all over 30%. LA and San Bernardino are 20% or under). Turnout has not dropped to 300,000 per day.

A bit more on the history in the NYT 

And more and more on the leaving the ballot blank replacement raceidea that I discussed earlier (and am quoted in these articles)

Democrats outperforming their registration advantage, though not clear what that means yet

Crime victims get involved in the recall (and in the D.A. recalls)

Ballot rumors taking hold in California over holes in ballots

A look at Stockton voters and the problem of low-information\

Interview with Gloria Romero, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader (2nd position) who is backing the recall/Larry Elder over charter school issues

More on the Latino vote 

Both sides jump into ballot harvesting 

Security experts call for rigorous audit of election results

I'm on this podcast with American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken -- I liked how he pushed the discussion

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